Eye of the Needle


hello awesome-ners!!!! (?)
i seriously don't have an idea what should i write  here
i am tired. so freaking tired
and today's fasting i really feel the pain(?) lol
i mean i am seriously hungry and thristy
i'm having a headache right now
so i confused what should i put story here
i just went to Embassy in kuningan and after that i went to Puri Mall
just it, so bye awesomeners!

Samuel&Kevin (living world) shirt, skirt from nowhere, cardinal (matahari) jeans, Elizabeth (mall of serang) backpack, Payless (living world) gladiator shoes

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  1. xoxoxxo . . . that's most great story i've ever read xD

  2. Hahahha actually no have an idea what i put in there xD

  3. Ah! Fashionable. So pretty, sistah. ><

  4. Aamiin yaRabb, thankyou pretty!! and so do you ^^