HAHAHAHA seriously?
hello guys!
well today's post i'm gonna be show you  my outfit
for hijapedia competition yeay
i hope i win aamiin
recently, i've been addicted to Chandelier song by Sia
actually it has been so long i've been addicted to it
but i just share it now HEHEHE
and Am I Wrong also good, what else? Amnesia by 5sos? not really hoho
okay i will list down my fav songs currently
1. The Vamps-can we dance(always)
2. 5sos-good girls, try hard
3. AJR-i'm ready(its fun song)
4. Cher lloyd-dirty love, bind your love, sirens
5. Ingrid Michaelson-girls chase boys(its fun song)
6. envy-am i wrong
7. Sia-chandelier, eye of the needle, big girls cry
8. David guetta-lovers on the sun

hat from online shop, Logo shirt, unbranded skirt and pants, Uniqlo wedges

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