hello everyone!
i'm sorry, i am eating spicy food now
i am crazy, my mouth can't stop moving
so, today's post i want to show you my outfit
actually its for Hijapedia competition, still.
but finally today is the last day :(
idk why i am sad. but surely it because i don't have motivation
to mix and match clothes again
but this is not the end right?
but bcs of this competition i have an idea what i should post later
there's a theme so that's why
because if i am not join a competition like this
i definitely wear something burn your eyes HAHAHA
am i right? or am i right? lol
admit it, i am not on mix and match something hehe:3
but pardon me, i am taking a photos my ootd like i am having a great sense of mix and match
but i am actually not
so if you there are talking about me rude about my fashion tense, i agree
i'm just human, not perfect but perfectionist because i am a Virgo. :/

 mom's blazer, dress i forgot (gimme a second to check the brand), Hermes pants (from factory outlet brasco), converse shoes

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