Boom Clap!


hello everybodeeeh??
how's life? mine? is very well. thankyou for asking HAHHA
so today i was going to Senayan City for my dad's accompany
he has meeting with i don't know who
so rather we just stayed home, why don't we follow through daddy? heheh
unfortunately, i didn't get anything from there
just my mom, she got bag and belt
its from Debenhams
and then its about 3pm we going out to Living World, Serpong
again, my dad has meeting in there
luckily, i've got clothes from Samuel&Kevin and shoes from Payless like usual HEHHE
i've my own gladiator shoes! i am happy girls right now! WOOHOO
and then we got Haagen Dasz big cup ice cream 2 cups for free HEHHE
my dad has a coupon from Permata Bank, heheh so lucky!

connexion (matahari) shirt, cornflakes (hongkong) vest. logo (matahari) shirt wrapped on waist, panelli (sogo) pants, shoes from singapore

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