Day 1: Penang

12:27 AM

Hello thereeee!
well its been a busy week because
i've been travelling to Penang Island and Langkawi
well, not much different with Indonesia
but... the place is prepared well re:clean
arrived in Penang in the evening
so we just foolng around near the hotel we stayed
we stay in Kimberly house, on Kimberly street
most of there sell Chinese's food and also populated by them
i feel like i'm not in Malaysia HAHA

so here's the pic of my hotel
i think it can't be call as hotel because
the room and the bathroom are desperate HAHA
we should walk passing many rooms to reach there

 its so comfort and cozy tho
and the cost isn't much expensive
suit for just transited and family

shirt from Hongkong, Logo skinny jeans, newlook shoes, satchel bag

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