Addicted To Movies!


hello thereeee!
its been a while yaah  i know i wrote this sentences in most of my post hahah
but what can i do? its the truth
so recently i've been addicted to watch some old movies like its about teen love and comedy
its so amazing! well its called 'Angus, Thungs, and perfect snogging'
well the title is kinda frontal but the movie is seriously so fun to watch!
especially there's an Aaron Taylor-Johnson who's my favorite actor!
knew him since Kick Ass and then i am so crazily love with him!
and his age are actually same like my brother..:)
but... what make me sad is... he has already married! with a pretty woman who has an age same like my mom! :((((
well talk about the movie above, the movie's is so british accent! love it! so so britsh
and the story, the condition is so meeee banget hahaha
well its so me when i am still on Junior High School
i do the same things like in the movies
but not really frontal to show what i feel to my crush haha because he's senior ups
well i miss my bestfriend while in JHS! they are the best!
laugh, sharing, stalking crush together!
love them! mention my bestfriend, rara (now in smansa) nenek aka citra (in smandaks like me! share with her so much!) indah (smancil) miss you all! :(

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  1. Boleh tau biasanya pake kamera apa kalo ngambil foto & app editnya *kalo ada? 👍💯