Fade Blue


well here i am!
back to blogging that i've been disappeared for such a long
i'm so happy right now because my dad has already back home!
and i've been went out so often than before because my dad's here!
and you know... recently i feel so dilemma:(
i want so many things but i think it could be fulfill but it takes so long
i even make a list of things that i should have ( i guess:p)
but i have so many outcome from school stuff and anywhere:(
i've tried to earn money by myself but its sooooo fuxcing hard:(
well in this post i'm gonna share you my pic that i took when short holidays National Exam
because of boredom finally attack me so i decided to take some pic
and i feel so eager about overlays currently
and i exactly didn't know that i have overlay's supplies in my computer._.
so i decided use them!

 Paul Smith sweater, Polo shirt (inside), necklace from Hongkong, unbranded pants

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