hey guys!
here i am finally updated my outfit, while i'm having trip to Dufan with my classmates!
its been so awesome! i enjoyed it so much Alhamdulillah..:)
but not literally... it because i am not bring clothes to change when i'm having wet rides..:(
well i try Arung Jeram and yes! i'm having so much wet!
but yeah i just let my body and clothes dry by itself..
and the effect is i've got hard freezing whenever i'm on having-an-air conditioner place..
so yeah i'm just can hold it, and i also got hard shiver when i am on bus!
well luckily i have a a strong immune system..:p
so yeah i'm fine till now Alhamdulillah..
i went there when Wednesday, 5th March 2014
so here's a pic!

Logo top, Rodeo pants, Elizabeth backpack, Rubi sun glasses, Nike shoes 

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