#latepost Bromo (just scroll down)


hello there!!!! its been an age not write here, i don't know why
i just don't have an idea what tow write here......
so here's another #latepost pic in Bromo while i was travelled to Surabaya and Malang with my little family(like usuall..:p)
its just a freak selfie so it doesn't good to see but yea why i post it if its freak?.....
i just have a lack photo's to share to yea here it is i just found it in the middle of nowhere in my comp
you can see that i'm freezing, yes it was! its so freaking cold there
eventho the sun's shine so bright but the wind is just killin........
i think its about 9am there.......yea we turn down so early because it will be crowded in the noon
so more people's come, more hard to take a cool pic wkwkwk
this place called Doraemon hills......idk why they called it like that.-.

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