Little India


Hello thereeee!
such a long time not write in here huppttttt
school's stuff killing me slowly..:(
well last couple days i have been short trip to Singapore!
its been my second trip, yeah i've been there before when 2012, but its not enough
so we decided to take a short trip while Lunar New Year!
sadly, most of trader there is Chinese...
so you can conclude that most of shop's there are closed until 3rd Feb, and i am no longer there..:(
we went to China town but mostly there are close..:(
that was so sad.. very sad..
you know that Chinatown is well-know for the cheapest souvenir in Singapore
so that's why i am not bought so many souvenir for my friends..:(

i ever heard people said that "if you go to somewhere that not everyone will/can not go there yet, you should give your people souvenir from the place that you've been aim to, because not everyone can feel the way that you do and you should be thankful"

so that's why buying souvenir is a must for me..
i feel so thankful.. very thankful..
you can see on my social media, that i've got my One Direction's fragrance "Our Moment" and i'm so freaking happy like crazy!!
you know that is not available yet in here, but you can purchase them online, and the problem is i don't have permission from my parents to buy any kind of things on-line..:(
sadly, yeah.. but its okay, i know that my parents thought are the best for me..;)
and i also got Katy Perry "Killer Queen", and Selena Gomez..;D

so here my pic that i took in Little India,
there's so many cheap stuff, i wanted to buy it all.. but i can't.. hahahah
i don't really want to waste my dad's money for such a kind of thing that i don't really need..
sometimes, your lust is come when you see something you wanted but you will think twice "do i really need this?"


Anna Horan..;)

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