Hello thereeee!!!
sorry for not update this blog such a long time..:(
because of school stuff i'm such really a busy
and i am so regretful that i wasted my last holiday with just-stayed-home
so regret!!!
and yeah i want to tell that i have been joining a competition of chemistry..:)
well its just a selection by the way..so yeaaaah
i want y'all guys pray for me so i can passed the selection
i have tried the best as i can do, but yeah i know that i'm not prepared it such very tightly, but i tried
so yeah that all i want to tell..:)
so here's a pic of me and my friends

so yeaaaah
the competition held on sunday, 12th january 2014
after the competition we went to mall @ alam sutera and guess whaaat?!
there's so many people staring us
you wonder why?
because we wore uniform on sunday!
and then when we were on toilet there's a woman asked to us
"why do you wear uniform?"
yeah we said that we after had a competition blah blah blah so on
well i felt a lil bit shy because everyone dressed well but us? not really because chemistry test killed us..xD
so yeah that for today i hope you guys have a great time!
and i am so happy that tomorrow is holiday!!! its about "Prophet Muhammad's Birthday"
and today actually i should have go to school but i make a reason of sick cause what i had yesterday so yeaaah i'm not go to school today heheheh..:)

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