Hello there <3 p="">so this post i'm gonna show you a pic when i went to Puncak, Jawa Barat and Sentul City.
actually the purpose having this vacation is to had a cozy, cold place .
it because i just got sick about my place where i belong .
its so hooot you even can't hold it.
so i'm tired for having those feeling everytime .
and suddenly my dad ask for week-end where am i want to visit.
it because on the couple next weeks my dad have to go work again :)
and near my place just Puncak is the choice. so lets goooo there! :D
that was so sick to go there also-_-
you want to know why?
bcs traffic everywhere! everytime! oh yaAllah-__-
the mostly traffic is when around Jekardah. its stuck!
so, please skip about this.
then, when its about 10pm i went to Mosque which is the most visited in Puncak.
no, i'm not really go there. no parking space left! smh:(
so we just go up and up up up. and stop.
yap, we're stop for having sekuteng hehehe you should try it if you were here!
and then we go down, its about 1am i guess, i'm not take a look my watch.

the sunday.
went to Sentul City. Jungle Land yeay!:( :D
its actually a really awesome place, buuuuut.....
there was so hot like...omg i even can't say a thing
its like Dufan, but the rides is not really many and not complete and not excited:(
and the time isn't really good.
you know that i wore such a thick clothes.
you guys can guess what am i feeling that time :))))
so we just spent 2 hours in there and then go home!
but before arrived home. i went to Summarecon Mal Serpong to have a really late lunch.
and then looking for my mom's watch. but she not found it.
and then we went to Karawaci Mall. she finally find what match to her!
okay so we went home. and i even can't remember if tomorrow is monday and i just have school:(

Giordano long sleeve shirt, Levi's jeans vest, Elizabeth backpack, unbranded skirt, Cardinal tribal legging

please don't mind my 'oh what a sunny' face:((((

Anna Horan ;)

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