Pink Gypsy


Soooo hello there!!
its such a boring holiday i ever face than before:(
okay, so this night i'm bored like crazy
and i just looking out my wardrobe and do some an experiment with my clothes
so this is my style. even you judge i'm such a weird or freak or kind of that
it will never change me..;)
and i reused my old clothes, or my clothes that i rare to used because i don't know when to wear it..:)
well i do this alone (photoshoot) and so soundless wakakka
it because my mother has fallen to sleep
okay, so i'm sorry if my english are just so bad, it because i'm not really good at grammar..;)

Giordano shirt, unbranded short overlay & legging, fladeo boot, stack-able bracelets and peace necklace bought in Jogja!

and..... you can find that i'm not zipper my short.
actually it can't, it brokes..;(
yeah you know it just too old, not really actually. it because i am so rare to used it, so its stuck...:D

okay, i want to share you guys something..:)
just got some random question on my socnet. that i'm such a crazy to gain my ig followers. what kind i'm such a crazy? i think its humane. i just want my post to be noticed. so i am not really useless to share something that really cool for me..:P okay don't mind it..;)
and then anon said if i'm such a suck fashion blogger.
am i fashion blogger? FYI i'm not a fashion blogger.
i just shared my passion, and fashion are the part of it. there so many passion in my life. i also like photography, music, movie, and arts. 
and when i share you guys my outfit if those taken by myself it means that i want to share you my skill in photography..;)
actually i decided to be a model of my photo, because no one want or can to be a model for my photo. it because my site are just to far for everyone i know..:( my twin is also just too lazy either.
(well, actually i am lazy either..:\)
and i also share you guys about music that i like, my thought and everything.
Seriously, i'm not a fashion blogger..:)
so just it i want to share..

Have a great day fellas..;)
Anna Mercer..:p

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