Sunday Afternoon


Hello Everybodeh!
its November now!!!! can't wait for December cos it'll gonna be so much holiday heheheh
btw, in this month i've got so many things i can do than before
such as, on 1st November i have brave to touch millipede.
3rd i can drive the car well :D
4th i have brave to ride to swimming pool bcs i have swimming assesment from school :) 
everything going to be okay and i am so thankful.. thankyou so much yaAllah you make everything done so easy :)
ohya i forgot to tell you that i won become "look of the week" present by i look from NET TV and i am so happy :) and they said that there's something little special for me hahaha looking forward for what they send to my home :D
and these photo taken on Sunday in the afternoon.. just going around with my mom and twin..
my mom was looking for teak furniture in the house around komp. krakatau steel
and after that we are going to Serang, still looking for that..
and after we reached home i fell asleep at half 5 and woke up on 7p.m 
hhhhhh whataya tired day..
hope you all have a nice day! 

Anna Horan :p

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