Hello everybodeh!
so happy today because its October now! and my dad's month!
but i'm home alone, but not really, i'm with my twin ya just it. want to know why?
bcs my dad&mom were going to Jogja for my dad's training. :(
you know when i'm in home and alone its kinda feel spooky
i always feel something unsafe and uncomfortable i dunno why:((
but you guys can conclude that i am a f r a i d.__.
yeah i'm such an immature you guys can call me, but its true
home feel so lonely if inhabited by only two humans>.<
okay that's my story...
you know that, its been a long time i had planning to do photo-shoot and share what my taste of fashion look like. but my tripod was gone cause anni and my brother finally find it!
PS: All photo was taken byself ;-)

 Don't you dare wake me up, if you do not want to hear me roar louder than a lion cause i am a champion._.

Sorry for the bad quality pics:(
it bcs i'm setting in raw quality in my dslr but it couldn't see in computer and i was so shocked!
a picture ate 20mb! for god sake! that's why my comp turning slow and slow, very slow.
and yeah i compress it first and then convert it to jpeg one by one,
it bcs no one app could convert my pic to jpeg for many pics, i dunno why:(

flower crown: made self
oversize shirt: uptown girl
stripped pants: N.y.L.a
Location: Anna's Family Fish-farm ;-)

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