Happy 51st Birthday The Most Best Daddy!


Happy Birthday for the best daddy in the world a little girl could have, more healthy, wealthy, long live, stay young, stay have a good soul, and keep loving your family.
I love you so so so much until the end of the world, thank you so much ya Allah for gave me the best parents in the world. 
You did it, dad! as your daughter am so happy could have a father like you 
You did it to make your family loving you, as not all of family in the world could did it. 
You could understand what i want :p 
You could fulfill everything i want (unless isn't really important to fulfill hehe)
You could read or feel when i and my twin gave a code :p
You gave the best motivation ever, more good than mario teguh :p
You gave me path to be the best eventho i'm not doing my best to follow those path
You always make your children happy
You are the best role model ever for me ( after Muhammad SAW of course :p)
You could used time very well (not like me hehe haha-_-)
You're hard worker, thinker, not lazier and more er er er (please ignore it-_-)
and....what else?
There's too much i want to say but i can't use word very well to describe what i want to say
The point is I LOVE YOU SO MUCH DADDY! please ya Allah take care him for me, protect him wherever he was, whenever, however, whatever._.  
Please keep my dad stay beside me, in the world, until i see his smile.
Smile of the way he so proud for me, for having me, for the thing i did, and could make them happy because of me. 
That's what i want. 
I know that children's pray for their parents will be granted. I know you will ya Allah;-)
So here's the pic of my dad if you wondered how my dad look like.

 in Doha, Qatar

 in Shenzhen, China

 in Ruins of St Paul, Macau

 in The Venetian Resort Hotel, Macau

 that's what i mean for 'Stay Young' i mean it, parents can be crazy sometime :p

 in Madame Tussaud, Hongkong

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