Happy 16th Birthday For Me! (Late-post)


Okay, i know this is sooooo lateeeee post._.
i'm just forgot to posted this._.
so actually my birthday is on August, 25th._.
this is just a little party for celebrated the day i appeared in this world 16th years ago
together with my twin.
i'm a big girl beybeeeh! not meant it for a big, i mean i grow up!
not really grow up actually. i still immature, childish, or whatever people usually called those things.
i am happy, sad, and happy, but not really
because in the facts, i just wanna stay 15th. so selfish i know
but you know that i'm not totally ready yet for face the cruel world that show off in the front of my eyes.
but i should, life must go on! pray for me :""")

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