Day 2: Malang, East Java


it takes about 2 hours i went to Malang from Surabaya the place i've stayed.
i've been rental a car for the day we stayed here.
that was so awesome place. i've said so bcs i get tired of my hometown, the place where i belong :p
so i went to malang for visit Batu Malang. that place are well-known in there own city.
so i went there, just for know.
there was a little bit cold but not really bcs the sun was shining so there's not really cold.
i have visited... what the place name...i forgot._.
but the purpose of that place was to know all hydroponic vegetable.
my family and i were picked some fruits like strawberry, guava, and apple
when the servant said 'you can only pick 10 strawberry's" but my mom doesn't count lol
she pick whatever she wants
and ate it either. oh
so after that, in the almost night, we went down to the main field of Malang or people here's called it Alun-Alun.
we were looking for Toko Oen since 1940.
that place was so popular in outside of the city
but when my asking to the people there, no one was know it._.
that shop was the heritage of Belanda
"in there you can find so many ice cream, with real milk and ingredients." -internet
and yeah, in there you can find the old-fashioned ice cream
but i guess the taste not really wow, awesome, amazing or you guys usually call those things
but if you go to Malang, you should go there ;-)


sorry for the bad quality photo in this post. bcs i've had bad camera i dunno why.
and sorry for the messy headscarf either bcs when i was in car i put it off bcs i had a hard dizzy:( and repaired my headscarf without looking to mirror. how cool am i? B)

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