It's Sunny Cold Day! +Japan Cave, Kaliurang


Hello there! so this post i went to Japan Cave, Kaliurang. its really cold but awesome view! its about 25 cave's up there, and we need to walk an 1km to reach there, hhfff its so tired you know.... it bcs i haven't do physical exercise such a loooong time, and my body got shocked, like seriously?! and the day after climbing to reach those cave i've got sick on my legs:( its really sick, and i'm not have a spirit for a next journey:( so i bought a 'koyo' and tadaa! finally my legs are heal:D

 first, we go to panorama alam and then we find a way to goa jepang, so we decided to take a look

 hi friend!

it look better:D

we're lost!

shirt: from hongkong
bracelet: from jogja
pants: point one
watch: swatch
sandals: reebok

Love! xox

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