Eid Mubarak 2013


Hello peopleeeee! its been so long not to write here. ohya and first Happy Eid Mubarak!! Taqabbalallahu minna wa minkumshiyamana wa shiyamakum :) please forgive all mistaken that i've done, really deep sorry fellas! now i don't have an idea to talk because i don't have an eat yet-,- and this year i went to Malingping (my mom's) and Klaten (my dad's) its really fun and i'm enjoy it so much! and you know that this month is my month *shy* and i actually already got the present from my dad:D i got an iPhone 5 and i'm so freaking happy! can't you imagine that i've been dreamed so much to have those thing! and what i wish become true:)

 Pasir Putih Beach in my mom's hometown

 the silhouette are more cool than me>.<

 my travelling friend:3

 i can fly!

 i'm more good in blurry:"D

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