Dieng Plateau


Soooow hello there! in the final day met and greet wkwk with my siblings, my family decided to take a look what dieng looks like. so we going there! you know i've got wrong dress code, and my brother always seduces me and my freaky twin if there's soooo cold, even you wearing 2 jackets it wouldn't effects-,- and he also said that there's almost -8c. and what we've got? its not even really cold at all-_- i still can hold with the weather. so yeah, in there i saw so many ah-wesome view, like seriously? how this could it be? 

taking breakfast first: Kupat Tahu khas Magelang

 after! i've spent it just a 0.001 second! wkwk

 my mom's heheheheh

 shirt: Giordano
cardigan: bought in PIM
watch: Swatch
pants: Point One
bag: Cath Kidston
shoes: from spore

See u SOON! xixi

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