Dream could be Reality.


Sooooo well bonjour tous! I'm gonna posting some unimportant photos but it will really means for me :-)
Yaaaa this photo below, I post some photo there was an Eiffel Tower inside. Yeah, thats my dream :) I dont know why I had been dream about Paris but I love the city and the country so much. City of Light. City of Love. whatever everyone means the city is. And I love the language too. The language is so unique and nice (I think). And..... everything about Paris I can't described with the words. I'm so in loooooove with this city. :) Once, my dad asked me do I want to go to Paris. But last time I didn't exciting with Paris. What's up in there? Only Eiffel Tower? And it's like I just throw away my dream. But I hopeeee.... My dad asked me again, and I absolutely answer "Yessssss, of course I want it so badly dad. ;)" Dream can be reality.

 Imagined that I just packed my stuff and goes the City of Love / Light / Stunning.
And I'm so happy!

Merci et Au revoir!

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  1. Manusia harus berani mempunyai mimpi.
    Karna dengan bermimpi, manusia jadi punya tujuan hidup ntuk mengabulkannya.

  2. Followed! :)